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Bio-Therapeutic Skin Care

Bio-Therapeutic’s bt-ceuticals product line is the only complete professional skin care system developed by an FDA registered medical device company, and each of the formulas benefit from nearly fifty years of experience innovating at the intersection of technology and the skin.

Just as Bio-Therapeutic has pioneered the use of cutting edge technology in the treatment room, the skin care line was created in a unique collaboration between leading cosmetic chemists and a team of professional skin therapists.

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The Basics

Strategic cleansers, toners, exfoliators, serums, and sunscreen that can support and serve as a foundation for all services and skin care regimens.


The bt-Cocktail 3 part energy system (Serum, Gel, and Cream) is a fantastic finishing product for all professional services and home care.


HD Masques

The Hyaluronic Delivery System Masques are infused with ingredients to hydrate, brighten, and calm, while sealing in target products applied beneath. For professional and home care use.

Platinum Range

The Platinum Line has been formulated to target specific needs such as expression aging and hydration, and offers protection and antioxidant benefits.

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